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The importance for the ranking and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The most important competitive advantage of 3D product photography compared with static pictures is the presentation of a complete product series. Ranking optimization in search engines is another reason to decide for 3D product photography.

Today, all relevant databases are not much different as far as the quantity of articles is concerned. Now, the vital criteria are the presentation quality and contents. The current removal of article data (in case of missing pictures and missing information) clearly indicates the future development. The concerned websites will be considerably reduced in their ranking.

For providers with multimedia applications such as 3D product image, 3D film, 360° single frames etc. there will soon be separate attributes in all relevant search engines and market places. This, in turn, will result in an excellent ranking that can otherwise only be achieved after long years of administration and comprehensive linking processes. Our data is optimized to accept that challenge.

Advantages of 3D product photography

  • Competitive edge through high-quality 3D applications
  • Improvement of image and customer awareness
  • Winning new customers through best product presentations
  • High ranking in search engines, market places etc.
  • Better selling points lead to an increase in turnover
  • Securing user rights to image data
  • Sales and presentation tools (e.g. viewer tools)
  • Accounting by means of our pay per click models through our computing center
  • Using the image data for the production of printed media results in lower costs
  • Linking the virtual catalogue directly with the electronic shop